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WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL ABOUT doTERRA ESSENTIAL OILS?! Everyone’s talking about them, everyone’s using them – what’s so great about them?! They’re effective, safe and affordable! I honestly wonder daily what we did without them (check out our video for more about how this crazy journey got started!). We use them for our physical health, emotional health, cooking, cleaning, etc. Whatever your goal might be the answer is, “Yes! There’s an oil for that!”

Don’t believe me? Just check out the my YouTube channel and read the comments. I’m not making this up!

Essential oils don’t work nearly as well without an Oil Girl! That’s where I come in! You don’t want oils that will sit on your shelf and collect dust, do you??  <<insert boooo>>  I will walk you through oils that will be most helpful to you and help you develop a personalized routine for wellness. You’ll get access to an international oil community for further education as well as tips and tricks for getting the most out of your oils. And, of course, you’ll be in on our promotions and giveaways (PRIZES!).

Words from other oily users...

Vanessa R.

I posted a couple weeks back about my brother tearing a quad muscle and I wanted to update you all on his recovery. His coach and the trainer told him he’d be out for about 7-8 weeks for this injury, but after regular and consistent usage of Deep Blue (rub and oil), frankincense, and aroma touch he’s doing so well!! He’s no longer feeling any pain and is back to full practice after 3.5 weeks! He’s thrilled and I’m so happy I could help him out with the assistance of essential oils!!  – Vanessa R. 

Keilah F.

Last fall, our dog started losing patches of fur. Just one drop of copaiba in her food a day cleared up 90% of her skin and fur issues. We were amazed that with in two weeks the empty patches on her body started filling in with fur again. I also made an air spray and an anti-itch fur/skin spray with it essential oils. Both of those have been helpful for her too. It’s just so frustrating, because every time we take her to the vet they prescribe expensive antibiotics and eardrops that don’t really clear up the root of the issue. So thankful for doTerra!
– Keilah F. 

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